Isfahan is right in the middle of Iran and has been a producer of Persian carpets for over a hundred years. There are a couple of characteristic design elements of Isfahan rugs, mainly a symmetrical and balanced pattern. As with most Persian carpets, red plays a major role as a color, however, recent rugs have been made using a more modern subdued palette.


This mid to late 1900s, hand-knotted rug is composed of a light and dark blue medalion in a sea of flowers. There are touches of brown and purple within the ivory and a background of red. There is a multitiered blue-purple and ivory border filled with flowers. The balance of the pattern makes this busy floral display into a soothing and bold statement that can be added to any room. Although this rug is old and therefor has some wear, it is in excellent condition and doesn't show the wear unless you are looking for it.


Wool rugs last for a very long time with proper care. Please research further before doing anything drastic to your rug.

Isfahan Traditional Floral Rug, Made in Iran

  • 10 x 13'10"