I am a lover of tea and miniature things. And honey. Back to the miniature things. This 8 pc miniature tea set was made in Staffordshire, England at Crown Victorian using fine bone china. It has small roses scattered on fine white dishware. With 2 cups and saucers, a teapot, sugar, and creamer set up and a tray to put it on, this tea set is sure to add that lovely Victorian touch to your collection. There is a lot of history and delicious flavors when talking about tea. There are also a whole complement of accessories. One of the best accessories is a table and chairs with Mr. Teddy, Miss Girly Doll, and Rainbow Unicorn joining us for a spot of tea served in this vintage tea set! The plate is 10" long and the teapot is 3" tall, for a little perspective.


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Pink Rose Crown Victorian Tea Set, Miniature/Doll/Child: miniature tea set, bone

  • Crown Victorian Staffordshire England

  • 1950s