Turkoman Bokhara rugs are distinctive with a repeating pattern and tightly knotted low pile. The palette of a Turkoman rug is basic and consists mainly of red, orange, blue, green, brown and ivory. Red is generally the predominant color. 


This mid 1900s rug is composed of almost round Tekke main guls with minor chemche guls. The pile is wool and is in excellent condition with some wear. The warp threads are red and the backing is wool. The rug is hand knotted and shows a pleasant abrash patterning. The knot count is 9/14.

Wool rugs last for a very long time with proper care. Please research further before doing anything drastic to your rug.

Turkoman Bokhara Tekke Chemche Rug, Vintage mid 1900s

  • 5'5" x 10'7"

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