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Why buy new when you can buy better for less?

Our building is.... large. There isn't a better way to say you will spend hours here and not see everything. We provide a climate controlled, spacious, curated selection of goods that ranges from vintage to antique. We have pieces ready for your home to those that need a little work. Not only do we have those project pieces, but we also provide all the supplies to Re-imagine, Re-vamp, Re-love those beautiful pieces of history!

Bigger from the Top

Our 48,000 sqft building doesn't look like much when you stand at the front doors. Then you look down on it and there is a lot more to explore than you might think.

The Standpipe

Every town has history. Belton has a lot. Not only is our building a large part of that history, but so is the Standpipe water tower. It stands majestic at 155 ft, built 1908-1909, and continues to be a location pinpoint for pilots flying the eastern seaboard. Amazing what you can find in a little town.